Check-in button LED

Functions of the Check-in button and its LED

The LED on the LubnBox's check-in button emits different colors and patterns of light, each indicating a specific status of the LubnBox. Understanding these LED indicators will help users identify the current state of the device at a glance.

Check-in Button LED Indicator Status:

  1. Solid Green Light:

    The solid green light indicates that the LubnBox is powered on and functioning correctly.
    It signifies that the device is operational and ready to perform its intended functions.
  2. Pulsing Red Light:

    The pulsing red light, repeating three times, indicates a low battery level.
    It signifies that the battery of the LubnBox is running low. It is advisable to charge the battery to ensure uninterrupted operation.
  3. Pulsing Green Light:

    The pulsing green light indicates that the LubnBox is connected to LTE network and actively sending data. This could be data being uploaded or synchronized with the server, demonstrating that the LubnBox is functioning as intended.
  4. Solid Yellow Light:

    The solid yellow light indicates a connection error, indicating that the LubnBox is out of sync.
    It suggests that the device is experiencing a connection error. This could mean that the LubnBox is not properly synchronized with the server or facing difficulties in establishing a stable connection. Troubleshooting steps may be required to resolve the issue and restore normal functionality or try to move the LubnBox to a different location for better signals.
  5. Solid Red Light:

    The solid red light indicates an error with the embedded SIM card in the LubnBox.
    It signifies that there is an error with the embedded SIM card in the device. This error may be related to the SIM card itself or the network connectivity. Contacting technical support is recommended to address this issue.