Does Lubn work outside the US?

Countries where the LubnBox can connect to the mobile internet

At present, the LubnBox is connected to the LTE network in the following countries and regions:

  1. United States of America (USA)
  2. Canada
  3. Puerto Rico
  4. Mexico
  5. Australia
  6. New Zealand
  7. Taiwan

If you are located in any of these countries or regions, Lubn Smart key box is able to roam and connect to your local LTE network without additional settings. Please note that the signal strength of the LTE network may vary depending on the service of your local LTE carriers. 

We understand the value of providing secure and convenient property management solutions to a wider range of customers worldwide. Thus, we are dedicated to expanding our services to more countries in the near future. We are committed to exploring potential markets and establishing partnerships that facilitate the successful deployment of LubnBox solutions globally.