Locking the shackle

The proper ways to lock the shackle

To lock the LubnBox shackle properly.

  1. Choose an appropriate attachment point. Identify a sturdy and reliable attachment point on the door handle, railing, or doorknob. The attachment point should be able to withstand any potential tampering attempts or external forces.

  2. Align the shackle properly. Hold the LubnBox shackle and align the shackle with the attachment point. Ensure that the shackle is perpendicular to the surface.

  3. Insert the shackle into the attachment point.  Insert the shackle into the attachment point, ensuring that it is fully engaged and securely positioned. Apply gentle pressure as needed to facilitate the insertion process.

  4. Apply downward pressure until "click".  Once the shackle is inserted, apply downward pressure on the shackle while holding the LubnBox device.  Listen for the "click" sound. This sound indicates that the shackle is locked securely in place. 

Make sure to follow this simple guide on where to install your LubnBox: