Receive payment from visitors


In order to receive payment from visitors who intend to lease your space, you have the option to activate the Payout feature in Self Schedule and configure your pricing in just a few steps.

Setup your payment account 

To receive payments, you will need to connect your bank account in Lubn through a simple process. Lubn has partnered with a reliable third-party payment service, Stripe, to ensure the security of your information and transactions.

Setup your pricing

By enabling the Payout feature, your visitors will be prompted to provide their credit card information and make the necessary payment before proceeding to book on your Self Schedule booking page.

The transaction record of Payout is listed in Ledger > Payout. Learn more at Manage your customer's payout.

Please note:

  • There is transaction fee and sales tax (if applicable) for each Payout transaction. Here is the breakdown: 
    • Booking fee (charge your visitor): 3%
    • Transaction fee (charge you): 2.9% + 30¢ USD

For example, if the price for a one-hour booking is set to $100, the final price that your visitor sees will be $103 + tax, and you (Admin) will receive $96.80.  Lubn will keep $6.20 to cover the operation cost.

  • Payout refund policy: 100% refund will be issued when a visit is cancelled. Only you can cancel the visit in Properties.

  • To maintain the highest level of security for your financial data, Lubn does not retain any credit card or bank information. For more information regarding the security of your financial data, please visit