The differences among Basic, Premium, and Enterprise plan

How to determine which features and services fit your need.

Below, we have provided a detailed list of the features included in each of our plans. Take a look at these features to determine which plan best suits your needs and how you can make the most of our device and service offerings.


The Basic plan is always free.


Manager Mobile App

The Manager Mobile App is available for iOS and Android for you and your team members to operate the devices and manage the properties on-the-go. 

Web Dashboard App

The Web Dashboard App is the web application where you and your team can operate the devices and manage the properties on the laptop or desktop.  More detailed features are available here.

Master keys

The master keys are for you or your team members to release the shackle of Lubn Smart Key Box or its key storage.  

Permission Control

Device Admins

The person who activates the Lubn Smart Key Box is the device Admin. The device Admin can control and manage both the listed devices and properties.  The Admin can also add or remove the managers from the property.  For the Enterprise account, there will be one Super Admin who can add or remove both Admins and Managers, and manage the billings.

Property Managers

A Property Manager can schedule visits, release key storage, and release the shackle.  

Visitor access

A Visitor can only access the key with a time-based access itinerary.  It can be either one-time access or recurring access. 

Remote Management

LTE Data

Lubn Smart Key Box is connected to LTE data network (or 5G depending on the model).  As soon as the device is activated, the capability of connecting to the mobile network is available. The connectivity allows the device to send and receive data/commands wirelessly to and from the Admins or Managers in realtime.

The network quality varies depending on the location. Normally, the network quality is better when there is less obstacles or outdoors. 

Lubn Smart Key Box is currently connecting to the network in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Taiwan. 

*Remote Management features is only available with Lubn Smart Key Boxes and when it is connected to a mobile network.  

Not every location is covered with mobile network. It is recommended to test the device at the location where you plan to install the smart key box. 

Access Log

Every access events (e.g. check-in, check-out, overtime, etc) are recorded. You can find the record based on time or pivot to view the access log based on the visitor.

Realtime notifications

As the Lubn Smart Key Box is connected to the network, you and your team will receive realtime notifications if there is an event.  The notifications also include the Self-Scheduled event and Manager destination event.

Check-in photo

As the Lubn Smart Key Box is connected to the network, you and your team will receive the photo that is taken by the key box. The photo is captured as soon as the visitor grabs the key storage. Currently, night vision is not available.  To have a clearer photo at night, a bright porch light is required.

Remote key release

As the Lubn Smart Key Box is connected to the network, you and your team can remotely release the key storage from the Apps. 

Tamper alert

As the Lubn Smart Key Box is connected to the network, you and your team can receive the tamper alerts when the following events take place:

  • when the key box is turned on without a successful check-in or check-out three times in a row within 10 minutes.
  • when the key box is turned on at night without any scheduled events.
  • when the key storage is taken by force without normal procedure. 


Visitor itinerary

The visitor itinerary or pass is a mobile web page containing the visit information, including the access QR code for the key, the property address, check-in/out time, and other details provided by the managers. The visitor will be able to use the itinerary to locate the property and to access the key. 

The itinerary is time-based. Therefore, when it is expired or revoked by the managers, the visit information will disappear and the visitor will not be able to access it anymore. The itinerary helps not only the visitor to easily keep the visit information handy but also the managers to manage each scheduled visit without memorizing the passcode.

The visit itinerary service includes:

  • System will send the visit itinerary via SMS and/or email as soon as it is scheduled. 
  • System will send an SMS reminder to the visitor the day before the scheduled visit.
  • System will send an SMS reminder to the visitor a few hours before the scheduled check-out time for a multi-day visit.

Self-Scheduled booking

Lubn provides a dedicated property booking page for each account. Once you create your page URL, it enables you to easily share it via SMS, email, or other channels with your visitors. They can self-schedule visits at their convenience, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication. You will receive instant notifications when a visit is scheduled, and if needed, you can revoke the visit. The self-schedule feature can be turned on or off for each property you manage in the Self-Schedule settings.

ID verification AI

Lubn ensures a secure visit scheduling process by requiring visitors to provide a photo ID. Our advanced AI verification system carefully examines the ID image to confirm its authenticity. Please note that while the AI verification is designed to assist in filtering unexpected visitors, it may not always be 100% accurate and it is not a background check. If you receive any self-scheduled visits that raise doubts, you can easily revoke them from your web Dashboard App. Rest assured, we keep the ID image in our system for 14 days after the visit.  Additionally, to safeguard visitor data, only managers can view the verification status with the actual ID image hidden. 



The Ledger serves as your comprehensive hub for reviewing all transactions and payments. Here, you can easily access billing details, track payouts (revenue received from visitors), and manage your payment methods. This includes setting up a credit card for expenses and connecting a Stripe account to seamlessly receive income, directly linking to your bank. Simplify your financial management with Lubn's user-friendly Ledger feature.


For Property Managers looking to charge for property occupancy, our Payout feature allows you to receive payments from visitors or tenants seeking short-term stays. You have full control to define pricing for your properties. When Payout is enabled, visitors will be prompted to make payment for their itinerary. Streamline your payment collection process and ensure a seamless experience for both you and your visitors with Lubn's Payout feature.


Branded booking URL

With an Enterprise account, we can route the booking page to your domain.

Branded booking page

With an Enterprise account, your brand logo will be displayed on your Self-Schedule booking page. This means that when visitors interact with the booking page, your brand will shine and leave a lasting impression.

Branded itinerary

With an Enterprise account, your brand logo and system accent color will be seamlessly incorporated into the visitor itineraries. This means that every visitor you host will be greeted with your brand throughout their itinerary.


Private APIs

As an Enterprise account holder, you gain exclusive access to Lubn's API as an option, allowing seamless integration between your system and ours.

Device activation

The Lubn devices can be activated by you one at a time. With an Enterprise account, we offer the convenience of bulk device activation so you can deploy them right away.


Enjoy flexibility with our Premium plan payment options. You can choose to pay monthly or annually based on your preference. For Enterprise accounts, we offer an annual contract to provide you with stability and long-term benefits.