Battery life

How long does the LubnBox's battery last

The battery performance of the LubnBox depends on its usage and the surrounding environment. Typically, a fully charged device can support up to 100 check-in/check-out activities or remain on standby for approximately 5 months on average. The actual battery life may vary depending on the frequency of these activities. Here is a rough estimate:

  • If there are no activities at all, the battery will need to be charged after 5 months.
  • With 2-3 activities per week, the battery will need to be charged after 3 months.
  • If there are continuous check-in/check-out activities, the battery can last for about 100 cycles.

You can keep track of the remaining battery power through the Manager App. You will be notified in the Manager App when the battery reaches 20%. When the battery is low, you can charge it by micro USB through wall power, a power bank, or an external solar panel

Please note:

  • The battery level indicator in the Manager App will be updated every time when the LubnBox is powered on and connected to the Internet. 
  • It is normal to see the unknown battery level for a newly activated LubnBox because the device has not been connected to the Internet yet.
  • The battery level may not be updated when the LubnBox is installed at the place where the LTE network is not available or not stable.