Why the product comes with subscription fee?

The value of the subscription

The Lubn LTE Smart Camera Key Box is designed to be connected to the LTE network, allowing you and your team to easily control the device without the need to set up Wi-Fi in your managed properties. This is particularly useful for properties that are for sale, for rent, or commercial properties, as they often do not have Wi-Fi available for smart devices to connect to. With its built-in LTE connectivity, the Lubn LTE Smart Camera Key Box eliminates the hassle of setting up and connecting a Wi-Fi router. Similar to your mobile phone, it requires a small monthly fee to enable the device to connect to the data network.

Furthermore, Lubn's cloud platform offers a range of powerful property management features, functioning as a virtual concierge to help streamline and reduce the burden of tedious management tasks. When compared to other property management software options, choosing Lubn's platform proves to be a highly cost-effective choice.

Lastly, Lubn provides a flexible subscription option. There are no binding contracts with the subscription, so you have the freedom to stop it at any time. Simply switch to the free Basic plan in the Manager App whenever you need to take a break, and resume your subscription when you're ready.

The top five benefits of Lubn subscriptions:

  1. No need to setup temporary Wi-Fi during the time you manage the properties.
  2. Simply carry one Lubn LTE Smart Key Box instead of multiple devices, such as a key box, a hub, and a Wi-Fi router.
  3. No need to pay expensive monthly fee for the Wi-Fi with a lengthy contract.
  4. Enjoy the robust property management software that seamlessly integrates with the Lubn LTE Smart Camera Key Box at a significantly lower cost compared to other property management software options.
  5. Take advantage of the flexibility that our subscriptions offer. Easily switch between plans in the App to accommodate seasonal changes.

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